With programs to suit any goal, we can provide you with the right program to help you achieve your goals.

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Evolved WOD

Short on time? Want to workout at home? This is the program for you! Designed specifically for people who want to get in, get fit and get on with life, Evolved WOD gives you a quick and effective alternative to spending hours in the gym. Become the fittest, strongest and best looking version of yourself in under 60 mins a day and do it all from the comfort of your own home!

When you join us, you’ll get access to our Bare, Base & Peak programs, as well as additional and optional extras we will provide for those looking for a little extra. You will get 6 workouts per week, with options suitable for day 1 beginners, right through to our most seasoned athletes.

Bare – Get started with as little as a skipping rope and some dumbbells.  If you’re new to fitness, don’t know where to start, or just looking for training ideas while you’re traveling, then this program is for you.

You can literally take us with you ANYWHERE. Throw your dumbbells & rope in the car and take us on holidays. Take us to work with you.  Hit up the hotel gym.  Take us wherever you like.

Base – This is the program we recommend to those who don’t have access to lots of functional fitness equipment, space or time.  All you need to do these workouts are the following:

Skipping Rope
Wall Ball
Plyometric Box
Dumbbells (22.5kgs max for Men, 15kg max for Women)
Kettlebell (24kg max for Men, 16kg max for Women)
Pull-Up Bar

If you don’t have all the necessary equipment to start, Again Faster have created an amazing SwanStrong Home Fitness Package that you can buy here.

Don’t get simple confused for easy. You do not need a lot of fancy equipment to get an effective workout. We are going to challenge you every day, and you are going to come out the other side a little better than you were before!

Peak – Peak is aimed at those with access to most of your basic functional fitness equipment. The Peak program will be a very similar workout each day to the base program, but could include equipment such as barbells, bumper plates, a Rower, an Assault Bike and gymnastics rings. These workouts may be more technical at times, but will be just as time efficient, getting you in and out of training in under 60 minutes.

All Bare/Base/Peak memberships also get free access to our Strength program as well.

For only $24.95 a month, you’ll get everything you need to keep you fit and healthy.  Sign up now.

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Evolved Competitor

Designed for serious athletes looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This program is designed intelligently to help you prepare and peak for the CrossFit competition season and its various parts. Our program is a fraction of the price of many other competitor programs, because we understand the sacrifices you are making to pursue your goals. Each day will consist of multiple pieces and will comprehensively cover all aspects of your fitness, including Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Endurance, Odd Object Training & Competition specific workouts as well as advice surrounding preparation, execution and recovery from training. Start today and get yourself comp ready!

At only $34.95 a month, we believe that this is THE BEST value competitors training program on the market. Give it a go and see if you agree.

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Evolved Affiliate

We get it. Running an affiliate is hard work and managing all the pieces is forever a juggling act. Let us take a huge weight off of your shoulders and handle the programming for you. Each week you will receive a comprehensive program designed to both challenge and entertain your members. Included in your weekly program will be a detailed session plan which will allow even your most inexperienced coaching staff to run a flawless class. Get out of the programming black hole today and get back to doing more of what you love. We will take care of the rest.  At a cost of only $149 a month, Contact Us for more information.